Our Policies

Do you need your items in a hurry? We are happy to offer rush order services! We define a rush order as any service that must be completed in fewer than 14 days. Rush orders will be treated as top priority. Due to the scheduling adjustments and additional hours required, rush jobs will incur a $75 fee.

Please note these specific guidelines for rush orders:

  • Rush orders must be paid in full before garments can be ordered or production can begin. 
  • Due to the time constraints that rush orders require, these clients must complete the following before their invoice is paid:
    • Submit any changes or adjustments to shirt style, color, brand, sizing, or quantities.
    • Submit any changes or adjustments to artwork.
    • Confirm the final artwork.
  • Please note: PMS color matching is not available for rush orders. We will select the closest option available from our current ink selection. 
  • Refunds are not available for rush orders. 

Our small team at Minor Threads is full of people taking on multiple roles to help our customers receive the best products and services possible! As a small, self-sustaining business with limited resources, we use the following payment policies to keep things running smoothly:

  • Full payment is required up front before materials for each order can be purchased. 
  • We greatly appreciate payments made in cash! This helps us avoid processing and administrative fees that are taken from other types of payment.
  • We use Quickbooks to send out all invoices. Quickbooks also provides customers with an easy payment option. 
  • We accept checks made out to “Minor Threads”.
  • Due to time and labor constraints, we do not accept payment processing apps such as PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, etc.
  • In the rare case that a balance is still owed after a job has been completed and delivered, payment is required within seven days. After seven days, a five percent late fee will be applied. After 30 days, an additional five percent fee will be added for each 10 days the payment is late.

Many factors are involved in the production of a custom-printed product. These are some of the procedures we use to make sure our customers receive accurate orders:

  • Sizing: Unless it has been specified otherwise, these are the standard sizes for prints:
    • Youth – 6 inches wide
    • Adult – 9.5 to 11 inches wide
    • Left chest – 4 inches wide
    • This print sizing is the same for the entire run unless specified before the order is finalized. Any changes or adjustments must be confirmed before production is started.
  • Ink Colors: Variations can exist between digital and physical colors. We will match the selected color as closely as we can from our in-house ink inventory. If a specific PMS color is desired, this must be communicated by the client before the order is finalized and before production has begun. 
  • Spelling and Proofreading Errors: To protect against spelling mistakes, we send out a digital mockup of everything we print for client approval before production begins. We ask that each client look over the digital mockup carefully to ensure that all text appears as desired. 

For clients who are unsatisfied with an order, the following options are available:

  • Garments supplied by Minor Threads:
    • Any printed item that was sourced and supplied by Minor Threads can be replaced if it is found to have a hole, stain, or other factory defect. We will also replace items with crooked prints (3 degrees off or more), uncured prints (print that seems to wash off), and anything for which the design and print location does not match the specifics approved by the customer before production.
    • These items will be replaced once the product in question is in our possession.
  • Garments supplied by the customer:
    • We have relationships with reputable vendors and are unable to guarantee products that have been sourced elsewhere. Customers must supply garments at their own risk.

Please call us with any other questions!